Bridge Gem© Movements

Bridge Gem Recommends Movements

One of the major features that makes Bridge Gem 'Easy to Use' is that it recommends Movements.

Based on the Number of Pairs/Players seated and the Number of Rounds to be played in an Event, Bridge Gem automatically recommends a Movement.

The Movements that Bridge Gem recommends are those commomly selected by Directors, and will rarely need overriding. But, of course, facilities exist for Directors to override recommended movements.

Typically the following types of Movement are recommended:-

The set of Movements recommended to the director can be 'tuned' to suit the club's preferences.

The Movements' Library

Apart from the Movements that Bridge Gem recommends, Bridge Gem supports many hundreds of other Movements, both Pairs Movements and Individual Movements.

Movements are stored in the Movements' Library in multiple folders. Each folder contains movements of a certain type. See this link for more information about the Movements' Library and its Movement files.