Bridge Gem© About

Bridge Gem runs over Microsoft Windows, and has been tested on Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Bridge Gem was started as a 'Lockdown' project. The aim was to develop a Duplicate Bridge Scoring program that was simpler and easier to use than the existing ones. Bridge Gem is aimed at Local Bridge Clubs, where Scorers and Directors are by no means experts. It aims to lead them through the process of running a Duplicate Event in a simple and intuitive way.

It, of course, interfaces to the existing Wireless Results Reporting systems such as BridgeMate and TabScore, and is able to upload Results to Bridgewebs and the EBU.

The 'Ease of Use' aspects of Bridge Gem are presented here.

The maturity of Bridge Gem was obviously an issue that had to be addressed. Existing Duplicate Bridge Scoring programs were 'long in the tooth', highly mature, and had been in use for many years. Bridge Gem, on launch, had to be very stable and bug free. This has been achieved by developing, in parallel, a testing system that stresses Bridge Gem beyond the point that it would normally be used. (This is the only way that software 'apparently' becomes bug free). See this link for information on the Testing System and the Test Results.

Bridge Gem first went 'live' in August 2023, and has been successfully used since then by a number of local clubs to run and report their duplicate bridge events.

To see the architecture of the scoring software follow this link.