Bridge Gem© - How was it Tested ?

Bridge Gem has been well tested by comparing the results it produces against results published on the Internet by real local Bridge Clubs.

Over 100 real life results from 5 different Bridge Clubs have been used to test Bridge Gem.

The End Results of, and the Contracts made (or otherwise) of every hand played in these Events were downloaded from the Internet using a technique called 'Web-scraping'. (Anything published on the Internet can be web-scraped).

Once scraped, the Contracts can be fed into Bridge Gem by a Test Results Reporting program that uses the standard Bridgemate interface. To Bridge Gem, this looks just like Bridgemate or any other Results Reporting program. The End Result of the Event, produced by Bridge Gem, is compared against the End Result published on the Internet. This technique is illustrated below.

Bridge Gem Test System