Bridge Gem© Downloads

Download Bridge Gem (v3.0.13)

Click on the link above or on the image to the right to download Bridge Gem.

If Bridge Gem is already installed on your PC, it is best to uninstall it before installing the new version of Bridge Gem. This is not strictly necessary, but the installation of the new version will be quicker if the old version is uninstalled first.

See this link for details of how uninstall a program.

If you chose not to uninstall Bridge Gem through the above link, you will need to run the Bridge Gem Setup (v3.0.13).msi file twice. The first time it will uninstall the currently installed version of Bridge Gem, and the second time it will install the latest version of Bridge Gem.

Bridge Gem takes approximately 2 minutes to uninstall, there may be a period during the uninstallation process when it appears not to be progressing. It is progressing, just be patient!

Bridge Gem

Download Bridge Gem's Bridgemate Simulator (v3.1.2)

Run a Bridge Gem demonstration, offline, on your own PC.

Click on the link above or the image to the right to download Bridge Gem's Bridgemate Simulator and then install it.

With both Bridge Gem and the Bridgemate Simulator installed, you can follow the instructions in Running a Bridge Gem Demonstration to run a number of pre-recorded Events through Bridge Gem. This will give you a very good idea of how easy Bridge Gem is to use.

Bridgemate Simulator