Single Section Event Form

Bridge Gem© Ease of Use

Having seen scorers having trouble with other duplicate bridge scoring program, one of the main design goals of Bridge Gem was to make it as easy and as simple to use as possible.

To achieve this:-

  • Menu choices are kept to a minimum (only relevant choices are displayed)
  • When setting up an Event:-
    • Movements are recommended
    • Best Arrow Switch settings are recommended
    • Questions are kept to a minimum
    • Options are kept to a minimum
    • Only relevant information is displayed
    • A single 'click' starts both the Event and the Results Reporting program
    • Compare the Single Section (left) and Multi-section (right) Event forms
  • During an Event:-
    • Scorers can switch between different views presented by different 'Tabs'
    • No need to start a 'Browser' to display Results in 'full screen' mode
  • When ending an Event:-
    • Simple buttons to 'End', 'Save' and 'Close' the Event
    • A single 'click' uploads Results to the EBU (and another one to Bridgewebs)

See the User Guide to Running an Event

Mult-section Event Form